The School of Interdisciplinary Research and Entrepreneurship (SIRE) is envisioned to be a virtual entity that promotes interdisciplinarity in Research and innovation within BITS Pilani. 

The primary activity of SIRE would be to offer various interdisciplinary PhD program, including the PhD DRIVE program. 

In addition, the entity shall also manage existing interdisciplinary research and innovation programs such as CDRF, SPARKLE, SOLVE, etc.

Please check the details on various pages of this website.

Prof. Hitesh Datt Mathur
Head, SIRE 

Prof. Tribeni Roy
Associate Head

(In-charge, Pilani campus) 

Prof. Durba Roy
Associate Head

(In-charge, Hyderabad campus) 

Prof. Rajiv Kumar Chaturvedi

Associate Head

(In-charge, Goa campus) 

Prof. Nishant Pandya

Associate Head

(In-charge, Dubai campus)